About Us

“NK&K – Scintillating Innovation, Global Vision”

NK&K engages in two areas of business – Optical crystal production and Detection device production.

Our Optical crystal production unit produces optical lens materials used in semiconductor lithography systems as well as television cameras and high-end zoom lens cameras.

Our Detector device production unit produces scintillators and X-ray detectors/detector modules used in X-ray inspection equipment.

Our main products in the Optical crystal business are Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) crystals which are used worldwide in ArF immersion lithography systems.

In recent years, our CaF2 crystals are used for 4K and 8K television camera lenses helping to improve people’s lifestyles.

Our Cadmium tungstate (CdWO4 or CWO) crystals are used worldwide as scintillation materials in X-ray security inspection systems.

Being equipped in scanners of X-ray inspection machines, our scintillators are used to scan contents of check-in-baggage at airports, cargo containers, as well as automobiles, helping to make the world a safer place.

We will strive to develop products focusing on unique crystal materials to help make people’s lives better and the world a safer place.

Management Philosophy

To pursuit happiness of our employees and to develop products of value to contribute to the people’s prosperity and the global peace.

Our Motto

“Gratitude, Responsibility, Growth and Advancement”

Our Slogan

“NK&K – Scintillating Innovation, Global Vision”
NK&K’s products are the “Crystallization”
of all our employees’ dedicated cooperation.