We design, manufacture, and supply detectors which combine various scintillation materials and Si-PIN photodiodes. We can meet any kind of client request for customization including detectors, such as linear type and/or 2D type.

General Ratings

Item Symbol General Rating Unit
Active Area Α 3.8 x 1.18 mm
Si Thickness 0.3 mm
Substrate FR4
Substrate Thickness 1.6 mm
Spectral Response Range 190 〜 1100 mm
Peak Wave Length λp 960 mm

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol General Rating Unit
Max Reverse Voltage Vr 20 V
Max Forward Current If 10 mA
Max Reverse Current Ir 0.1 mA
Operating Temperature Topr 0 〜 +50 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg -20 〜 +80 °C

Electrical And Optical Characteristics (T=25°C)

Item Symbol Condition Typ. Unit
Leakage Current Id Vr=1V 40 pA
Terminal Capacitance Ct Vr=0V, f=10kHz 90 pF
Shunt Resistance Rsh Vr=±10mV 500
Rise Time tr/tf Vr=0V, λ=480nm, RL=50Ω 10 µs
Photo Sensitivity IL Vr=0V, λ=480nm 0.2 A/W