Our products underpin development of various cutting-edge technologies.
For example, calcium fluoride, which has strong laser durability,
is used in semiconductor lithography equipment and contributes to semiconductor manufacturing.
And our high quality X-ray devices are playing an indispensable role in security systems such as airport baggage scanners.

Optical Crystal Supporting Semiconductor Manufacturing

Our CaF2 (calcium fluoride) has high optical transmittance over a vast wavelength range from the vacuum-ultraviolet region to the near-infrared region and excellent durability against ArF, KrF, and other excimer lasers.
For this reason, our product is used in equipment that occupy an important place in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, such as semiconductor lithography equipment and excimer laser equipment. It is also used in broadcast TV cameras and astronomical telescopes.

End Products with Our CaF2 Product

Semiconductor lithography equipment, ArF immersion steppersCustomer business type: semiconductor lithography equipment manufacturers

Semiconductor lithography equipment, ArF steppersCustomer business type: semiconductor lithography equipment manufacturers

A semiconductor lithography equipment is a machine that creates CPU and memory circuit patterns on Si wafers. Like a photo, it projects a mask image with an etched circuit pattern on the wafer. As a circuit pattern is tens of nanometers, it is further reduced and projected using an ArF laser, which is an ultraviolet laser, as a light source. Another method for higher resolution is to fill the gap between a lens and a wafer with pure water (immersion method). Our CaF2 is used in lenses for these apparatuses.

ArF and KrF excimer lasers for semiconductor lithography equipmentClient business type: excimer laser manufacturers

It is uses as laser source for the said semiconductor lithography equipment. Our product is used in the window material or prism.

Wafer and mask inspection equipmentClient business type: wafer mask inspection equipment manufacturers

It is used to test masks and Si wafers used in the semiconductor lithography equipment. Our CaF2 is used in lenses and prisms.

Broadcasting lens
(Studio photography/outdoor photography)

It is uses as a lens material in 4K/8K cameras for live telecast or drama shooting and in portable cameras for outdoor photography.
It is used also as a refracting telescope.

Excimer Laser Grade

We provide a product taking advantage of high optical transmittance and laser durability in the vacuum ultraviolet region suitable for lens material for semiconductor lithography equipment and window material for ultraviolet lasers.

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Visible/Infrared Grade

We offer products with a wide range of applications; for example, for use in TV cameras, digital cameras, and astronomical telescopes by taking advantage of high chromatic aberration compensation capability in the visual light range and for use as window material in an infrared analyzer by taking advantage of high transmittance in the near-infrared region.

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Design and Sales on Orders of Scintillator/X-ray Detectors

We offer various scintillator materials for security, industrial, and medical X-ray inspection equipment. In addition, we provide products to meet customers’ specific needs by undertaking design of X-ray detectors and detector modules.

ApplicationsSecurity Field


CsI/CWO/GOS Sheet 
Various Linear Array/X-Ray Detector/DM

Various 2D Array/X-Ray Detector

Customs and Border Protection

CsI/CWO/GOS Sheet 
Various Linear Array/X-Ray Detector/DM

ApplicationsIndustrial Field

ApplicationsMedical Field


We prepare CWO (CdWO4 crystal) and various scintillator products for your applications and requirements.
We offer also processed products such as various linear arrays and 2D arrays.

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We design and offer X-ray detectors with a combination of various scintillator materials and Si-PIN photodiode for different purposes.

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Detector modules

We also design, produce, and offer signal processing circuits with amplifiers and A/D converters of output signals from X-ray detectors.

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