NIHON KESSHO KOGAKU contributes to the realization of a prosperous, secure, and safe society through the optical crystal business,
such as lens materials, and the detective device business, such as scintillators and detectors/detector modules for X-ray testing devices.

Optical Crystals

Our CaF2 crystals transmit light in the broad wavelength range from ultraviolet to infrared. Thanks to its characteristics and high quality, our crystals have been widely used as optical material for steppers, lenses for TV cameras, and laser windows.

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X-Ray Detectors

We offer products intended for X-ray inspection equipment for security, industrial, and medical applications, such as scintillator materials, X-ray detectors, and detector modules equipped with signal processing circuits to meet our customers’ needs.

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Our company has a good reputation in CaF2 lens materials. Please consult us if you need materials for semiconductor lithography equipment, TV cameras, or quality single-lens reflex cameras. We also provide a one-stop service to design, propose, and produce scintillators for X-ray inspection equipment and detective devices such as detectors and detector modules tailored to specific customer requirements.

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